What is BoomBot?
BoomBot is a developer's framework for writing a bot connecting to the AIM network. It manages the network communication for the bots so that they can be easily written without worrying about AIM itself at all. Core personalities that hook directly into the application are written in Objective-C, but a personality to load Lua scripts exists. (And, of course, it is possible to write one for Perl, Python, or any other embeddable language!)
How do I get started?
Download the latest release, available from the SourceForge project page. Everything you need, including the framework, documentation, and examples is included.
How do I get support?
The best way is to open a ticket in the appropriate tracker (e.g. bug report, support request) on the SourceForge project page.
Is the source code available?
BoomBot is completely open source, released under the GPL (some parts of some example personalities fall under other, GPL-compatable licences). A source archive is released with each binary, and the most up-to-date development sources are available from the SourceForge SVN tree. Anyone is welcome to tinker with the source and submit patches on the SourceForge tracker! Logo